Southern White Admiral/Modri trepetlikar (limenitis reducta)

modri trepetlikar1

modri trepetlikar2

modri trepetlikar3

modri trepetlikar4

modri trepetlikar5

modri trepetlikar6

modri trepetlikar7

modri trepetlikar8

modri trepetlikar9

modri trepetlikar10

modri trepetlikar11


3 thoughts on “Southern White Admiral/Modri trepetlikar (limenitis reducta)

  1. What a gorgeous butterfly. I’ve never seen this one. both the upper and underside are so unique. You got some really great shots! I love it when that happens, and we can see so many details of a particular butterfly.

      • I love it when they let me get a lot of shots! I’ll be back by this weekend to see all your butterflies and catch up with your regular blog. School is keeping me too busy at the moment! But it should get better soon I hope!

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