Small White/Repin belin (Pieris rapae )

white small 2

white small


5 thoughts on “Small White/Repin belin (Pieris rapae )

  1. I have always found the best way to tell the difference between the Large and Small Whites is the shape of the black marking on the apex of the wing. On the Large White it extends further down the wing, but on the Small White the black mark is longer from the tip of the wing towards the body (if that makes sense!).
    The Large and Small Whites have predominantly yellow undersides to the hind wings, but the Green-veined White has black scales running along the veins. I am no expert, though!

  2. I hop you don’t mind me saying, but I am wondering if your first two pictures are Large Whites and if the second two are Green-veined Whites. Not sure if they occur where you are?

    • Honestly, I was a little confused about these…what do you think?? I’m still having some trouble naming them…I would be very happy if people correct me when I’m wrong 🙂

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